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On April 12, 2017 the CEO of Panacea Labs, LLC Vasiliy Kazey presented the drug Mobilan at the Symposium “Innovation centre “SKOLKOVO” as a platform for the development of the domestic breakthrough technologies in medicine and pharmacy” held within the frame of the annual XXIV All-Russian Congress “Man and Medicine”. read more…

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF approved Panacela Labs report developed in accordance with State Contract “Transfer of foreign development of immunotherapy drug product based on the viral vector containing genes of TL receptor and its agonist for treatment of prostate cancer and conduct of its preclinical and clinical studies”.


Mobilan is nominated for Galien Award-2016 in nomination “The best research in Russia”. International award Prix Galien – the recognition of technological and scientific research advances necessary for development of innovative drug products.

Cancer struggle – the priority trend for pharmaceutical companies actively searching for new diagnostic and therapeutic agents. ag环亚手机版

Involvement of immune system in fight with tumor cells is one of the most modern and prospective approaches to cancer therapy ag8环亚官网手机版